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Paranormality Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia of; unnatural, mysterious, occult, and unexplainible phenomenom that is meant to act as a source book for the up-and-coming paranormal investigators, cryptozoologists, and the general inquisitor. Made so that differing opinions can be shown in the same forum. Please feel free to Edit!


Any activity, person, phenomenon, ect. That is abnormal, above normal, or outside the normal. This site is meant to serve both those that study, and those that are, Paranormal. Where there is always room for a myth, legend, or account of the Paranormal. There are plenty forums where one can report such activities, and our trusted Staff (Myself thus far) shall analise and take note of said activities. And who knows maybe you'll be a feature report! And To those disbelievers, skeptics, and such please make a well reasoned and well worded argument against an activity, and Our trusted staff shall take note and try to provide you with proof that our activities are as scientificaly viable as a virologist, or science teacher.

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