You have selected SPIRITS as your current topic. This topic is quite intreaging as there as many differing belifes as to what causes these phenomenon. Many religions belive it to be what happens when a soul is left with unfinished buisness. Others believe it to be the opposite, when a soul is completly content with his or her life and decides to watch over one thing or another. There are currently FOUR subsections.


The effects, from Ghosts, to curses, to possesions. And causes of Hauntings are vast. Some cause noise, others visions, somtimes the whole area changes, with chairs flipping, coulors draining from walls. But here are some examples as to what they are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

One theory of what causes this is that when the person dies, the energy left over from their body is trapped inside a room or house, as a sort of echo, much like light being trapped on a photograph. Some people think that the spirits caused by this give off some sort of EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) making it easier to find them, with an EMF Detector.


The result of either a tortured, or contented being, who's soul or mind is left to wander or reside in a place. usually apearing as either a pale see-through version of themselves, A dissembodied voice, or as a cloaked wraith. With not only human but animal ghosts as well. These are some of the more important sightings: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)


The Result Of A Ghost or Poltergiest invading a body and controlling said body. useually causeing the body to react to certain holy or spiritual stimuli. Can cause the Body to behave inhuman being able to climb walls and turn their neck up to 360 degree's. Some important examples of possesion are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)


German for Noisy Spirit, They are possibaly the most destructive. While they can be merely annoying, the incidents rarely stay such. Excalating from hidding car keys and papers, to throwing knives, and lighting fires. Often centered around teenage, and emotional young adults. Some Paranormal Investigators offer the theroy that the poltergeis is actually a mass of negative phycic energy. Others belive that they feed of the negitive energy. Some important examples are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

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