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Vampires, VampyresEdit

Blood, soul, or energy engourging creatures, created by being bitten or procreating with an existing Vampire. common features are fangs and an unquenchable thirst. Though beyond that the image, exact features, and powers are inumerable, from Bram Stoker's Count Dracula, to the latest wave of vampiric creations like Heather Brewer's Vladimir Tod and Stephenie Meyer' Cullen family, There are many reiterations. Some important examples are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

Werewolves, LycanthropesEdit

Hairy, Wolfen, animalistic creatures transforming often with the full moons, and sometimes the new moon. Often creating by being bitten by an existing Werewolf. Weakend by or sometime strenghtend by silver. Less popular then most undead, they are true animals, with restraint in only rare cases. Having control over those he or she has bitten. Most regret what they have done while transformed but some find joy in the crime they have commited. Some important examples are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

Zombies, ZombisEdit

Flesh eatting, plague spreading, rotten corpses that roam the earth tainting where they stand. Originally caused by Voodoo Rituals there are new theroies that suggest that Viruses, such as Solanum, and The Tyrant Virus. That can cause the dead to rise. Only rarly does one find any evidince of an 'outbreak' as the revelation of the dead walking, would cause mass histaria. Or it could mean they don't exist. Some possible cases are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

Skeleton, MummyEdit

Cursed souls that lay in wait for the day theire charges tomb or barial ground or cave is desicrated or robbed. Unholy forces guide them in their quest for retrbution. Mummys can be burned, skeletons can be crushed. But this is always a temporary solution. As the soul lives on and will torment and kill the intruder no matter where they go. Akin to Zombies by the fact that few are reported in the modern world and even fewer have any substance what so ever. Some possible casses are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

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