You have selected UNIQUE CASES There are several cases that defy catagorization. From Bell witch, to Mothman. These Cases are one of a kind. And while placing the Bell witch in the Poltergiest catagory and Mothman in the Cyrptozoologica catagory would have been easier it would cause the public to label them the same as others. These cases have caused giant leaps in paranormal investigations. there are Two Sub-cattagories


Unique Cases usually involve some sort of creature or other. Moth man is an obvious example. Then there are ones where the creature is not unique but the result or cause is. Like the Loch Ness Monster, or Saskquatch. Most make several appearences before they become 'Proven' and hoax's. But how would anyone explain Mothman's Appearences prior to almost every disaster in the Point Pleasant area? Or why we know so much of Loch Ness, like how one could place two and a half Statues of Liberty on its deepest point and they wouldnt breech the surface, and still believe nothing big is down there? Some important examples are: (PLAESE ADD TO THIS)


Unique cases can also include inexplicable things. Like the Bell Witch Poltergiest that caused a large portion of North America to take notice. Or the moveing stones of Death Valley? Be they ghostly or just unexplainable, they have been atribbuted to some form of Spirits or another. Some important examples are: (PLEASE ADD TO THIS)

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